Turf Care

At NuView, we believe each and every customer deserves the best landscape and lawn service for their needs and budget.

OtherSideTM Lawn Program

Our OtherSideTM Lawn Program is a year-round process that transforms brown lawns into landscapes of green grass that our customers are truly proud to show off to their neighborhoods.

Early Spring

This application is a pre-emergent for crabgrass. A broadleaf weed control (round-up on warm season lawns) and fertilizer is also put down. This gives your lawn a spring, green boost to start the growing season weed free.

Late Spring

At this time we apply a granular fertilizer. This is to feed the roots and the turf.

Early Summer

This is the third round of spring “clean-up and green-up”. A second application of crabgrass pre-emergent, broadleaf weed control and fertilizer is applied.


This application is turf insect control with a summer fertilization that is low in Nitrogen, but higher in Magnesium and Potassium to help your lawn stay greener and resist summer stress. Spot spraying for weeds is done as needed.

Late Summer

Broadleaf weed control along with liquid soil conditioner is applied at this time to clean up before aeration and over seeding in the fall.

Late Fall

This application is fertilization mainly for feeding the soil. This will help keep cool season lawns greener through the winter while adding nutrients to the soil for the next growing season.

We take pride in the results of our lawn applications, and ensure the highest quality product by providing aeration and overseeding, soil tests, and disease control with our OtherSideTM Lawn Program.

Aeration & Overseeding

All turf areas are core aerated thoroughly and a high quality seed that is bred for southeast conditions is put down. Finally, a seed starter fertilizer is applied to provide energy and nutrients to seedlings and existing turf. The result is a greener, healthier lawn.

Soil Test

We collect a soil sample from multiple locations in the lawn. A reputable lab analyzes the soil and the results are used to customize fertilization program providing needed minerals. If soil amendments are recommended w a plan and pricing to correct the deficiencies identified will be provided.

Disease Control

With warmer temperatures and higher humidity the potential for diseases that could potentially destroy your lawn increase. We can provide fungicide treatments to protect your lawn from diseases.